My United Way Voice

Local singers, rappers and spoken word artists, were invited by United Way to share their voice against poverty through an original song.  This contest would span the course of half a year and reach out to an audience of people aged 16-30.  No other online contest of its kind exists within our region with the unique ability to connect people with local poverty elimination, and simultaneously tap into a vibrant arts community of engaged youth influencers.  We were tasked with creating a large scale website that would be the hub for all of these artists and the people who wanted to donate to the cause.

Along with allowing the artists to create there own profiles to showcase their submissions, other video works, and biography’s, United Way wanted us to create a way to allow and visitors of the site to vote on their favourite artists.  We took it a step further and included the ability for visitors to share their favourite artist’s submissions on social media to automatically give them a few extra votes.  We wanted to get this contest out to as many people as possible so integrating the contest into social networks was a must.  Visitors were able to vote once per day and could see a live tracker showing what percentage of the total votes each artist had.  This project was covered by most of the major TV, newspaper and radio outlets, with maximum exposure through the radio partner, Hot 107 and generated over 100,000 impressions throughout the duration of the contest last year.