Rocky Mountain Icehouse

Located in downtown Edmonton’s historic Jasper Block is the newly opened Rocky Mountain Icehouse.  The owners of the restaurant found their inspiration while in Texas visiting friends and while there they noticed the love for their local “icehouse”.  In the developing the Rocky Mountain Icehouse here in Edmonton they wanted to keep the same atmosphere you’d find in the icehouses down in Texas but to give the overall experience an Albertan touch.

When developing the brand for RMI we knew that we needed to consider the welcoming nature of the original icehouses but to also give everything a much more refined and sophisticated look to appeal to the young professionals that work in the area.  A lot of the inspiration for this project was taken from the vast natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the historic significance of the location.   One of the many advantages of working with a brand new company is getting the opportunity to design and develop every visual element of the restaurant along with interior designers and sign makers.