Pixel Blue College

Pixel Blue College is Canada’s leading digital post secondary institution,  offering a unique education experience in all digital media. As one of the few schools that offers courses specifically created to teach digital media, we were excited by the challenge to create an entirely new brand for Pixel Blue College.  We realized the need to appeal to new comers to the field as well as seasoned pros that wanted to come back and sharpen their skills.  One of the main challenges with designing a new brand for a school like this is encompassing all their areas of study: Graphic Design, 2D Animation & Illustration, 3D Animation & Modelling, and Digital Audio Production.  This challenge also provided us with a lot of areas to draw inspiration from.

From the logo and the print material to the website, we’ve created a brand that effectively showcases all the areas of study that the school offers and brought it all together with a clean and modern approach.  The logo itself was designed to reflect the school’s unique approach to teaching by steering clear from the cliche crest-look that most universities and gone with in the past and going with a strong, modern mark.  Along with their new logo and print material we redesigned their web presence to work along a wide variety of devices and help streamline the information for all potential students whether they’re on the go or at at home on their computer.