Pirma Canada

Pirma started production in Mexico in 1990 with one idea in mind: “to be the best”. With over 100 retail stores in Mexico, Pirma is well on their way to accomplishing this goal selling millions of shoes in 2008. Pirma is now second in number of shoes sold in all of Mexico thanks to the quality of their shoe and the innovation in their design.  Pirma has always been focused on fundamental innovation to differentiate their products from the competition.  This has allowed them to grow rapidly and have a wide distribution nationwide with over 100 exclusive stores with the best sports products.

Pirma wanted to expand their market further and branch into Canada so we introduced them to an entirely new web CMS  and E-Commerce platform.  This platform allows them to easily sell their products to anyone on any device, anywhere in Canada while providing them the flexibility to add new products quickly and efficiently.