My United Way Voice

No other online contest of its kind exists within our region with the unique ability to connect people with local poverty elimination, and simultaneously tap into a vibrant arts community of engaged youth influencers.

Cold Creek Boutique

Cold Creek is a locally owned and operated brick and mortar shop located in Hinton AB that brings a new sense of style to the small mountain town.

The Fifth Annual Uniquely Me

We were invited to help the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society with their 5th annual Uniquely Me fashion and fundraiser gala. The event is to help raise funds to support people with Down syndrome and their families, through programming, information, resources and connecting members with one another.


RevoJuiceinary is an experiment in social entrepreneurship. Their produce is 100% organic and locally sourced wherever possible, everything is packaged in glass containers, and their printing is done on recycled paper.

Riot In Paradise

Album artwork created for the Riot in Paradise's EP titled, 'Soundtrack To Our Collapse'.

Rocky Mountain Icehouse

Located in downtown Edmonton's historic Jasper Block is the newly opened Rocky Mountain Icehouse. In the developing the Rocky Mountain Icehouse here in Edmonton they wanted to keep the same atmosphere you'd find...

Pixel Blue College

Pixel Blue College is Canada's leading digital post secondary institution, offering a unique education experience in all digital media. As one of the few schools that offers courses specifically created to teach digital media, we were excited to work with them.

Pirma Canada

Pirma has always been focused on fundamental innovation to differentiate their products from the competition. This has allowed them to grow rapidly and have a wide distribution nationwide with over 100 exclusive stores with the best sports products.

PlanIt Sound Inc

PlanIt Sound endeavours to grow, evolve and stay ahead of the creative curve, so naturally they needed a design team with the same focus. Though we've worked with them many times in the past, this was our first shot at their own website.

St. Albert Farmers’ Market

Western Canada's largest outdoor farmers market needed a fresh look for their 30th anniversary. We stepped up to give them a hand.